Entrepreneur or SEO Specialist

The current sub topics of my blog are way too general and I feel that if I am ever going to make head way in my chosen career field I should be blogging mainly about that. So how to choose, am I an entrepreneur or a SEO specialist?

Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich says that I can be rich at doing whatever I am doing right now, if I apply his principles to my current occupation. I happen to agree with him. I can be an entrepreneur and an SEO specialist, for example I can write and sell SEO books, create my own SEO firm, sell SEO software, and even be a consultant to other SEO specialists and firms. All it take sis a lot of study and a lot of application, some key successes that puts me in the light of other SEO gurus and all of a sudden I am not only looking for SEO authority figures and hanging on to every word they say I have become one. This gives me clout to bring aspiring SEO gurus into my firm, to influence the SEO industry for the better and perhaps bring some “best practices” into play as an industry standard if it need go that far.

So I hope to fill my blog with a lot more SEO and little more “Entrepreneur” and a lot less “Other Stuff”. Shoot I may even surprise some of you; I may come up with something revolutionary.