Q and A Update: Blogging via MS Word 2007 beta2

Richard K Miller, Q: “…maybe you can also blog about the accuracy of the German translation… (?) “

Bart Gibby, A: The German translation in Microsoft Word 2007 is actually done via an online third party called Word Lingo found at http://www.worldlingo.com. MS Word 2007 just sends the request directly to their website. I have not played with the translation feature much so as to accuracy I have not idea. I do know that it is fairly good but it was unable to translate some of my words seeing how they were tech or internet specific words. However this could be because many tech and internet words are from English origins and thus they are in English in German, they do add a Masculine, Feminine, or neuter article to the English word such as, der, die, or das.

Richard K Miller, Q:
“…Blogger.com offered a Word plugin for publishing blog posts. One problem I saw was that “smart” quotes and long dashes and a few other characters didn’t translate correctly to the web. Does Word 2007 blog those characters correctly?”

Bart Gibby, A:
I am new to blogging I am not sure what a “smart” quote is or how to make a long dash. You would have to use MS Word 2007 to find out or check out Joe Friends MS Word 2007 developer blog at: http://blogs.msdn.com/joe_friend/archive/2006/05/12/595963.aspx this has a lot of comments on it by users of the original beta 1, and some of them are beta 2 comments. It gets confusing sometimes when reading them.

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  1. Thanks for these answers, Bart. “Smart” quotes are tilted, the opening towards the left and the closing one towards the right. Those end up looking weird when copied from Word to the web if the character encoding isn’t right. Hopefully that’s all fixed up in Word 2007.

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