Blogging to Word Press from MS Word 2007 beta 2

I host my own Word Press blog and have found several wonderful things about blogging from MS Word 2007 beta 2. Here is a list of things that I think are completely awesome!

  • Write and Edit your blog without the lag of the internet
  • Write your blog using the joys of a the MS Word 2007 word processor
  • Manage several accounts
    • You can have an account for a multiple blogs
  • You can add a category to the blog before you upload it
    • MS Word logs into your blog and down loads all your categories
  • You can up load the blog as a draft or publish it directly
  • The MS Word tables upload perfectly
  • You can down load any one of your blogs and rewrite them or re edit them. I love this because I can start a blog from work upload it as a draft and then finish at home.

Things that need improvement:

  • Using my Word Press blog I can only upload as a draft then I have to log in to my blog admin and publish it
    • With a Blogger account I can publish directly or as a draft
  • Using Word Press I have to change the date because it uploads at a default date of December 31, 1969 @ 17:59, which I think it does because it does not send a date to Word Press or in a format that word press can read. I think Word Press is just reverting to a default post time here, not sure.
  • When copy and pasting an Excel table into your MS Word blog you need to make sure to use the paste option “Match Destination format” so that MS Word converts the table into a MS Word format. This is for a Word Press blog I have not tested it on my blogger account.
  • You are suppose to be able to upload images
    • I have not been able to upload images to my Word Press blog because my image folder has a different user name and password
    • If you know of no log in method for uploading images I am sure this feature will work
    • The dev blog says they are working on this feature more
  • You can only choose one category at this time for your blog, yet when you download it allows for more than one category, so I wonder if I am not using the program right or they just hadn’t finished that option for the beta 2 release dead line.
    • I have not found a way to add a category from MS Word yet

Conclusion: MS Word is the blogging masters friend. The dev blog says they are working on all these issues and I am excited to see them in their final glory. Using MS Word 2007 is fater and more convenient for blogging. Don’t wait go ahead and down load your free copy of the beta from Just do a search for MS Office 2007 beta 2.