Dave Bascom’s Dog

So I promised a local SEO Guru that I would obtain the #1 ranking for his Dog well rather the term “Dave Bascom’s Dog”. So this is the page where I attempt to do so using my sweet skills using the new MS Word 2007 beta blog file format, as I majestically upload directly to the net and blog about his dog. You can see a picture of Dave at his awesome SEO Firm blog called Search Trends and I wish the best for him. In fact I met Dave at a tech Expo last August, so almost a year ago. He has always shown me respect and kindness since and if there is anything I can do for you Dave, let me know. Here’s to Dave Bascom and his little dog too!

P.S. if anyone knows if Dave actually has a dog, get he dog’s name and please let me know what it is. It’s hard to write about a subject I know nothing about. But apparently I managed it.

6 thoughts on “Dave Bascom’s Dog

  1. No, I don’t have a dog. My kids ask for a puppy about every other day, but probably never will get one because my wife says no. If I did have a dog, I’d probably name it Bart…if I had two dogs I’d name the other one Gibby and I’d call it Gib for short.

    You’re hilarious, dude. I thought you were totally kidding about the “Dave Bascom’s dog” thing. Just to set the record straight, the expo I met you at was actually just March of this year, not August.

    P.S. If I did have a dog, he’d have a dog blog and his site would be so well optimized you wouldn’t be able to out rank it 😉

  2. I don’t have a dog, but if I get one I’m going to name it Bart. I thought you were kidding about this, but I guess I’ve got to take your jokes more seriously 😉 You crack me up, man. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. I liked both of these posts so much Dave I couldn’t resist approving them both. It could not hav ebeen March could it..? You know your right, I have been to so many of those things at UVSC they just seem to run together sometimes.

    I love Dogs man, my wife wants a little dog she can put in one of those special “dog totes”. I like St. Bernard sized dogs, one my kids can play with, or get eaten by. One you can’t carry in a “tote”.

    Cheers, Dave!

  4. thanks, bart. your comment form just kicked me back to the page so thought it didn’t go through. I tried again but couldn’t remember exactly what I’d written. I’m glad I went against the urge to post another one…I realize I’m addding a lot of good content for your cause…

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