Direct Blogging Using MS Word 2007!!!

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I couldn’t believe it when I got a hold of this beta for Office 2007, and I found I could blog directly from MS Word! One problem I have always had is spelling so I always use a word processor with spell check and synonyms in order to be professional. Even then I have troubles with grammar.

So I always write the post in MS Word then copy and paste it into my Word Press blog. But then I have to rearrange the paragraphs to fit the Word Press format. Well today I no longer have to do that! Microsoft allows you to write a blog and upload it directly to your blog. No more logging in to post and waiting for laggy Blogger or Word Press servers. Freedom from the lag of the internet yet the full power of the internet blog is found in MS Word 2007.

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Now before I get ahead of my self this is a beta and they don’t have a lot of things completely worked out. For example I have not actually been able to upload a blog via MS Word to the blog I actually blog to because I do not use my account nor is my blog located on the servers. I do have a Word Press blog as I mentioned before but it is on my own server and I have yet to figure that out yet.

More known issues can be found at: and they mainly talk about how MS word does not support categories yet and how it tends to have crazy future post dates. This is mainly happening for WordPress, TypePad, and LiveJournal blogs. They do however plan to beef up their “Atom or Metaweblog” support for the official version of MS Word 2007 and I must say I am very excited!

I finally decided to try a post on my account, the post entitled “test post using direct upload via MS Word 2007 Beta” is there now and I could not believe how instantly it happened. It was faster than actually being logged into the blogger website! This is a very powerful tool Microsoft has made; I hope they add editing features in the future.

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I seem to get an error saying that I am no longer connected to the intern or that my user name and password are incorrect when I tried to upload the same the blog with edits. But then when I viewed my site I saw it was adding multiple blogs instead of editing the original. Thus again I really hope they can find some way of editing the blog instead of making a new post when editing.

They do however have a publish as a draft option, however once posted even as a draft you still get that error message saying that I am no longer connect to the internet, password in correct, or my provider is unavailable. So by now we con come to the conclusion that current you can only post one time with any one MS Word Document to that same account.Â

But, they have this sweet Manage Accounts option that allows you to create different accounts to blog to, using different settings so you could post the same post to several blogs in a very short amount of time, or even make small changes to each post creating similar content on each blog.Â

This MS Word 2007 could be the start of another blog spamming community; subject tangent > (I know the article bank and repository community has almost been completely inundated with that. Good thing that the banks wised up and have made their approval policies more difficult. Maybe blogs will have to be monitored for “fresh or never before seen content” too).

I usually need some tech guy to explain to me how these data feeds work, but it would seem that in the future this will all be instantaneous when blogging via MS Word 2007. Due to ease and the elegant magic that I saw before my eyes I may need to switch to one of the supported services in order to get the full functionality of MS Word 2007 blogging!

I did try and use my server to blog with but the upload feature does not seem to be working, it says it republished it but it doesn’t show up on my front or back end of my blog. However, in doing so I did uncover an option they said they didn’t support yet, and that was the category option, for some reason MS word was able to down load my categories and I was able to choose one, so go figure.

It must be something wrong with my settings. I even changed the CHMOD settings to 666 and then 777, (I changed them back to 444 don’t worry). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You can even upload images to your blog or send them to a different location, I don’t know if it supports a Flickr account but I would imagine there will be something like that in the future. There doesn’t seem to be username or login for the time being but they mention that they are working on more options for it the image upload.

MS Word 2007 blogging currently supports:

·        MSN Spaces

·        Blogger

·        Sharepoint

·        Community Server

*Note: Soon to or minimal Support for: WordPress, TypePad, dasBlog, .Text, LiveJournal, OneNote’s Blog This!

So I dare you to find another system as complete as MS Word 2007 will be for blogging. I hope you do find one because I am an avid blogger and I hope to be as efficient as possible when doing what I enjoy.

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  1. That’s a cool feature. I remember a while ago that offered a Word plugin for publishing blog posts. One problem I saw was that “smart” quotes and long dashes and a few other characters didn’t translate correctly to the web. Does Word 2007 blog those characters correctly?

  2. Richard I am going to blog about this next. The more I use it the more I learn that it really is almost perfect! It still has some issues, but it is great for blogging RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait.

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