Update John Sperling Key Phrase Experiment, premature success!

In my last post called the “John Sperling key phrase traffic experiment, I mentioned that I may be out of my league trying to get top ten rankings for the phrase or if you will the person John Sperling.

Hypothesis: Write an article with a low per day search, syndicate a duplicate (exact duplicate) article linking back to the original with the anchor text as the search phrase (John Sperling, in this case); will allow the said article page to rank in the top ten searches on MSN, Yahoo!, and Google.

Reasoning: Due to the low search volume for the key phrase, there will be less competition or rather there will be fewer people competing for that phrase allowing for a easier high key phrase ranking.

Early Results: The article began syndication on July 4th, 2006, and has been submitted to exactly 252 websites and email groups for publishing. Publishing results are still to early to see any results.


Search Engine



July 8th 2006



July 8th 2006



July 8th 2006

MSN Screenshot

Google Screenshot

Search Engine Traffic Results: None, from key phrase except my own; which is to be expected, syndicated articles have yet to be approved and indexed by the search engines.

Conclusions: Data insufficient and goal not met to reach any conclusions at the moment.

I hope that this experiment can help me refine my scientific process. Starting with something simple like this and then refining the process over time can be a great help to my self and to I hope all of you.