John Sperling key phrase traffic experiment

Today I wrote a blog about John Sperling, his name is searched for 19 times a day. Here is the SEOToolSet break down:

Google = 9

AOL = 1

AmazonA9 = 0

Yahoo Index = 4

Inktomi = 0

Alta Vista = 0

MSN = 3

Teoma = 0

Ask Jeeves = 0

Hot Bot = 0

IWon = 0

Lycos = 0


Its kinda a crude break down, because if you add them it doesn’t add to 19, instead it adds to 17. The tool set just does an estimated average, who knows how Bruce Clay had it coded and where he gets his data.

The plan is to attain a number one ranking for on at least MSN, Yahoo!, or Google and at least a top ten in the other two for the term “John Sperling”. Now this should not be so hard however I am going up against a billionaire here so wish me luck.

Now I have not done any on page HTML SEO hoopla for my Sperling blog, all I have is the content I wrote and published on the this blog. Also, I have not done any research about how steep the competition really is. I may be going up against the Behemoth University of Phoenix website her self, (page rank of 6).


Now so where does the experiment come into play, ok so here it is. I bet because there is so little traffic for this key phrase that I can get a top ten ranking on MSN, Yahoo, & Google using just two articles and no fancy on page SEO. The only on page factor I will use is my content, no italics, H1 tags, just the plan simple out of the box Word Press blog template and settings. I did change my “Post Slug” or URL basic setting to the date post name setting, so I would suggest this if you want to try the experiment.


The purpose is to prove to every one at Provo Labs ands sister companies that they too can start getting FREE traffic a little bit at time, to their blogs using search engines.


The articles will be written tomorrow and the first submitted, the second will be submitted the following week. Now, give the bots and spiders time to index the links before you judged me, I think maybe 2 months or less before we know weather or not my assumption is correct.


I hope to do several of these type experiments so stay tuned

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