Back to 430 Google Alerts

Well I am back to exactly 430 Google alerts today in my business plan competitions folder; they seem to keep pilling up higher and higher. The data base still has 52 competitions and 282 Prize records.

As of right now I have only been focusing on the competitions names, URL’s, physical location, the prize money and in-kind goods and services. I still feel that will be a valuable source of startup knowledge and non-traditional funding options for student and non-student entrepreneurs.

For this reason I am going to be uploading and creating a very basic website this week for the site. I know I have said this many times to my self and to others, My original dead line for my self was June 1st however, starting a new job and my father’s illness has become a trying thing for me at this time in my life.

So as of this Friday June 23rd I will have at least the data for the directory published.