Microsoft Office Live Essentials Beta

I have been really impressed with the Office Live Essentials Beta, they have given me a free domain name, a “what you see is what you get” editor for creating a website, 50 e-mail accounts with 2 GB each, website hosting with 50 MB of storage, “Advanced” web site traffic reports, a collaboration online workspace for up to 10 users, and plenty of business applications to collaborate with including: contact management, project management, document management, plus 17 others.


I was going to cancel my account simply because I didn’t want to pay the money for something so complex and time consuming. Now combine that with the free newly released online Google spreadsheet app utilizing online collaboration and Microsoft has a hard sell on their hands.Office Live Mailer

What stopped me was a getting started guide they sent to me via the mail. With the sweet envelope and tabbed folder format with useful information reminded me of why I singed up in the first place.

Microsoft never ceases to amaze me with their savvy use of marketing. An unsolicited follow up packet via the mail, utilizing the joys of printed color and something you can file away as a reference is a genius way of reminding someone of the value of the product they just purchased.


Clean and precise, the guide has been very helpful and gives me a good idea of what I can actually do with the applications. I hope to do a complete review of all the web applications in the near future.

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