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Early Blogging Success

So far I have had one article that has been linked to through organic means. Both sites happen to find my article of value to their users, entrepreneurs and business people.

So thank you to Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship and Jeff Barr’s Blog.

The article “Finding a Quality Business Incubator” has also been widely syndicated this morning, results are still coming in.

It’s amazing and neat to write something that people find valuable. I am really enjoying this blogging thing. Links mean more than comments to me I think; although, both would be nice.

Paul Allen the Lesser vs. Paul Allen the Greater

In the Utah Valley Business Q Summer 2006 edition, Paul Allen mentioned that he will contact Paul Allen the Greater when he reaches #1 in for the search term “Paul Allen” on I have done some feasibility research on this matter.

First the Rankings Paul Allen the Lesser


Search engine


Last check


Jun 27, 2006

Not found

Jun 27, 2006

Not found

Jun 27, 2006

Not found

Jun 27, 2006


Jun 27, 2006

Google Base

– A brand new interface for sellers.

“We’re pleased to announce Google Base, a new resource for sellers that gives you the tools you need to easily submit your feeds (now called bulk uploads) to Froogle and keep them updated. The Google Base dashboard has completely replaced the Froogle Merchant Center. In addition to a new user interface, Google Base offers many new features to help you list your information in Froogle, as well as in other Google search applications.”

-Â The above was in my Froogle Merchant newsletter today. 2 Test Drive

Press Release – for immediate release

Microsoft today announced the opening of a “test drive” so that people can see what Microsoft Office 2007 might look like when it finally goes on sale.

The Community invites potential upgraders to go one better – download the full 2 office suite today for a test drive, and if you like it, use it free for as long as you like. It’s the ultimate no-strings-attached test drive – if you enjoy the test drive, keep the car!

Tips for Finding a Quality Business Incubator

When looking for an incubator there are several things you should be asking yourself. All of these initial questions pertain to the future, the past, and the people. Past Success

  • How many successful companies started in this incubator?
  • How long has the incubator been running?
  • Who funds the incubator? Is it a non-profit or government program?
  • Have there been drastic changes in the program lately?
  • What do non-successful companies and partners of the incubator think about it?
  • How long have the successful companies been separate from the incubator?